How to know FUP of your LIC policy using android app

How to know FUP of your LIC policy using android app

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Have you forgotten the FUP (First unpaid premium) of your  LIC policy? Now there is an easy way to know it using your android phone. So, what you need to do to know the FUP of your LIC policy?

My LIC android Application

My LIC is an android application. It is developed by LIC of India for only and only one thing, ie, to know FUP of your policy instantly. So where to get this app on your mobile?

You can download this app directly from Google Play or you can visit the link by clicking on the My LIC logo provided below from your android mobile and it will redirect you to My LIC application page in google play.

How to know FUP of you LIC policy with My LIC app?

After you have installed the app on your android mobile, start it. When the app start you will land on the first screen (please see the image below)

Press the continue button and you will be directed to the second screen where you have to input the details related to your policy.

Please take care following things in mind while entering the data

  1. your policy number is of nine digits (123456789)
  2. Enter premium without service tax. To know your exact premium refer your policy bond.
  3. Enter date of birth as per your policy record, you can again refer policy bond to know the date of birth in your policy record.

After entering the data, press SUBMIT button. Application will fetch the details and new screen will open with the relevant data as shown below

In this screen, you will get following data

  1. Your policy number
  2. Your premium without service tax (if any)
  3. The last premium paid date
  4. Next premium due date (FUP)
  5. Service tax rate (if applicable in your policy)
  6. Interest rate (for late payments)
  7. Cheque dishonor charges (if the last premium paid by cheque and cheque got dishonored)

this application is only to know the FUP of your policy. For more details you can use LIC Mobile app and you can register for LIC e-Services.

All You Need To Know About LIC E-Services

LICMobile – A Useful Mobile App For LIC Policyholders

Now update your contact details online in your LIC policy

Now update your contact details online in your LIC policy

LIC, Life Insurance

Keeping your contact details updated in your insurance policy helps you to get important notification related to your policy on time. Till now you have to register your LIC policy on the LIC portal to update your contact details in your policy or send the request to servicing branch. But, in the recent initiative “Help us to serve you better” LIC of India now allowing the policyholder to update their contact details in their policies without registering on the LIC portal.

How to update your contact details in your LIC policy

To update your contact details you have to visit the website of LIC of India. On the home page of the website please look for the “Help us to serve you better”



Click on the link and you will be directed to a new page. Enter the required fields in the page which are, Full name, Date of Birth (DOB), Mobile number and your Email ID. Choose in how many policies you want to update your contact details, you can update in maximum 10 policies at a time. After entering all the details check the declaration and submit the form.



After submitting the form you will get the following screen. In the screen, you will see the name entered by you, date of birth entered by you, mobile number and the email ID you entered in the previous screen. Now you have to enter the LIC policy numbers in the provided field.



After entering the policy number click the “Validate Policy Details”. Please enter only your LIC policy, not of your family member. LIC server will validate the policy details with your name and date of birth you have provided and will return to the following screen.



In this screen, you will see your LIC Policy number and the request status in front of it. If the request is “Successful” then only your request will be sent to LIC for validation for that particular policy. You will also get this message below the “Send Request” button; “Kindly note that request will be generated only for policies showing request status as “Successful”. Click the “Send Request” button and your request will be sent to the LIC for the validation. After successful submission, you will get the following screen with your “Request Number” and the “Request Date”.



This request will be sent to the LIC officials for the verification. You will receive a verification call from the LIC to verify the details provided by you. After the successful verification, your contact details will be updated in your policy master. You will also receive the SMS and email after the successful verification of your contact details in the policy.