Rs. 10 Lakh Travel insurance by IRCTC in 92 paise


On the early Sunday morning (20/11/2016) the Indore Patna express derailed near Kanpur and claimed 120 lives or may be more and many got injured. Many lost their loved ones and bread winners of their families. But, when I was going through the news online, I found many articles stating that out of 695 passengers who booked their tickets online through IRCTC website only 128 opted for travel insurance by IRCTC of Rs. 10 Lakhs which cost only 92 paise.

Indore Patna Express derails: Out of 695 passengers, 128 had opted for insurance plan
Indore-Patna express: Only 30 percent of e-ticket buyers opted for railway insurance 

I don’t think that anyone who didn’t opt for the insurance was trying to save their 92 paise. The main reason what I think that they were unaware about the travel insurance by IRCTC or they had just overlooked to save some seconds to book the ticket quickly.

Kanpur: Rescue and relief works in progress after the Indore-Patna express derailed near Kanpur Dehat on Sunday morning. PTI Photo (PTI11_20_2016_000094B)

Travel Insurance by IRCTC

IRCTC now offer Rs. 10 Lakh accidental cover to every passenger who is booking the ticket through their website. This insurance will cost 92 paise per passenger. This facility is available online through IRCTC website.

Cover offered by this travel insurance by IRCTC


How to opt for travel insurance offered by IRCTC

You can very easily opt for the travel insurance offered by IRCTC by simply following these steps

  1. Login to IRCTC portal and plan your journey
  2. At the time of filling the passenger’s details look for travel insurance area provided below the booking preference field. See the screen shot belowtravel insurance by IRCTC
  3. Check the yes option to opt for the insurance
  4. You will be charged an additional 92 paisa per passenger for this travel insurance
  5. After successful booking of the ticket, you will receive the SMS related to you travel insurance with master policy number.
  6. You will also receive an email on you ID registered with IRCTC related to this insurance and to update your nominee details in that particular policy.

You should never miss this option when booking the train ticket online for yourself or for others. This small step will be very helpful for your loved ones in any unforeseen circumstances.

Other term and conditions of travel insurance by IRCTC

  1. The scheme is applicable only for Indian Citizens who book their e-ticket through NGeT Website Application only. Citizen of foreign countries is not eligible for this scheme.
  2. The scheme is optional, however, if the option is exercised it will be compulsory for all passengers booked under one PNR number.
  3. The premium is Re. 92 paise per passenger inclusive of all taxes.
  4. Customer shall receive the policy information through SMS and on their registered email IDs directly from Insurance Companies along with the link for filling nomination details. However, Policy number can be viewed from Ticket booked history at IRCTC Page.
  5. After the booking of ticket, the nomination details to be filled at respective Insurance Company site. If nomination details are not filled then the settlement shall be made with legal heirs, if the claim arises.
  6. The coverage for the policy shall be for each passenger under the PNR in case of Death, Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, and Hospitalization Expenses for Injury and Transportation of mortal remains following Rail Accident or untoward incident.
  7. The optional travel insurance will not be provided for the children below 5 years of age.
  8. In the case of passenger opting for insurance, the claim/liability shall be between insured and the Insurance Company.
  9. In the case of short termination of trains due to any reason, if the passenger opts for the alternate mode of transportation arranged by railway up to the destination station, then this part of the journey of the passenger shall also be covered under the policy taken by the passenger.
  10. In the case of diversion of the train due to any reason, the coverage shall be for the diverted route.
  11. In the case of vikalp train, the policy obtained by the passenger for covering this journey in the original train shall be valid in the vikalp train also.
  12. Once the premium is paid by the passengers no cancellations are allowed. Accordingly, no refund of premium will be made in all cases including waitlisted ticket.
  13. The coverage for Hospitalization Expenses for Injury is over and above the death/permanent total disability/partial disability

Please download the pdf from here to know all the benefits in detail and other term and conditions.


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