Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance

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Whether it is about a flat tyre, minor defect or an electrical fault, anything can spoil your smooth car journey. It can be threatening if your beloved car breaks down in an unfamiliar territory. In such type of situations, a roadside assistance service can act like a savior. Under this, you will get towing service in the case of problems such as fuel running out, puncture or any other type of emergency situation.  Some insurers also offer roadside assistance as a standalone product. Roadside assistance offers you peace of mind as you know that you are only a phone call away from assistance provided by your insurance provider.

How It Works?

In a case when you need roadside assistance you need to call your insurer for help and it will send a crew to the point where you are stranded in a few minutes or within a stipulated time slot as mentioned under your policy terms. The best feature of the policy is that most of the service under the same is free, whereas you have to pay a minor amount in some cases.

What Does it Cover?

By purchasing a car insurance or by doing online car insurance renewal you can easily get this service. As nowadays online insurance companies are offering a lot more coverage under a car insurance policy. When it comes to roadside assistance it offers many benefits  to you. Below is the list of such benefit but do keep in mind that depending on your insurer, there might be a charge associated with all or few of these benefits-

  • Towing service
  • Phone assistance
  • Minor repairing
  • Alternate transport/accommodation
  • Exchange battery/jump start
  • Spare key arrangement
  • Battery jump start
  • Emergency fuel

Things To Consider While Purchasing Roadside Assistance Cover

  • Age of the car: Chances of several mechanical problems may increase as the car ages. Consequently, several service providers hesitate to offer coverage for cars which are aged above five years. In a case where they are ready to offer the coverage, the annual charges for the same will be really high. Moreover, many car manufacturers offer roadside assistance packages along with their vehicle.
  • Service available: It is possible that few covers may have a limit on the number of times a service can be availed. It depends upon the insurer and varies from plan to plan which is why it is advisable for you to compare car insurance online to get the best car insurance policy that offers wide coverage.
  • Cost of Plans: Majorly the cost of car insurance plan and the price of roadside assistance depend upon the age of the vehicle and the numbers of services availed as we discussed earlier. But another major aspect is the travel route.  For a consumer who travels within the city, your plan may vary from someone who has to travel intercity regularly.

Why To Consider Roadside Assistance Cover in car insurance?

There is no doubt regarding the importance and benefits of having roadside assistance with a car insurance policy. You can take it as an essential thing for the proper maintenance and protection of you and your car at the same time. If you think that your existing car insurance policy is enough to take care of each and everything related to the car and emergency requirements as well, then you can avoid purchasing the same for yourself. However, if your current insurance company doesn’t offer these helpful features, then you can go for a standalone policy or can take help of online car insurance renewal for getting the desired one. It is advisable for you to compare car insurance online for getting the best plan out of all.

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