RBI warns public about ‘All Bank Balance Enquiry’ applications

In a press release of April 11, 2015, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cautions general public about the “All Bank Balance Enquiry” application, whose message is floating on Whatsapp these days. In press release RBI quoted:

“It has come to the notice of the Reserve Bank of India that an app (application) is doing rounds on WhatsApp purportedly to facilitate checking of balance in customers’ bank accounts. The application has an RBI logo with the title ‘All Bank Balance Enquiry No’ and has listed several banks with either a mobile number or call centre number.

The Reserve Bank wishes to clarify that it has not developed any such application. Members of public are, therefore, advised to use the application, if at all, at their own risk.”

There are lots of application on the Google Play Store related to Bank Balance Enquiry, to know the balance user have to add his/her mobile number which is registered with the Bank account. Your mobile number can later be used any where else, or land in the hands of criminals who use the telephone calls to do frauds. Besides mobile number user unknowingly or without reading accepts the permission to applications, which includes sharing of your contacts with app, your location, your search history, call history, and even your photographs and videos.

Users of Google play store must be cautious while downloading any application from it and remember following points:

  1. Never download a bank related third party application from a link, always download from Google play store.
  2. Before downloading any application where you have to give sensitive information, do visit the official site to confirm whether the application is listed on Google Play Store or not or call customer care if downloading Bank related application.
  3. Read all the permission asked by application before accepting, and only accept when you trust the application and its developers.
  4. If you are not using any application for a long time, uninstall it.
  5. Never Install any bank related application from any .apk file, always use google play store to download or follow link given on official website of bank or financial institute.

With increase in the reach of android mobiles and increased and regular internet use, online frauds are also increasing. Keep yourself safe from online frauds, for this you have to be more vigilant than before.

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