Mis-Selling in Insurance Industry – Things to know & learn

IRDA JOurnal

“Mis-Selling in Insurance Industry – Things to know & learn” is the title of the IRDA’s May 2015 Journal. In this Journal industry experts have given their veiws on mis-selling in insurance industry and how a customer should protect himself from mis-selling.

Following are the article published in this Journal:

  1. Mis-Selling of Insurance Products – R. Venkatesan
  2. Rampant Mis-selling: The Stumbling Block for Insurance Industry – Jagendra Kumar
  3. Who is mis-selling? – Dr. Rajas Parchure , N. Ashok Kumar
  4. An Opportunity to Achieve Universal Healthcare Social Security, Financial Inclusion & prevention of Bad Practices like Mis-Sellings etc. – B. K. Sahu,
  5. Mis-selling of Health Insurance Policies – Prof . D.Chennappa

IRDALike every Journal published by IRDA this one too is in English and Hindi language.

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Mis-Selling in Insurance Industry – Things to know & learn (May Journal 2015 issue)