Here’s what Indian expats need to know about health insurance when moving to Hong Kong for work

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Hong Kong’s status as one of the largest financial centers in the world certainly holds an appeal to expats from all over the world looking to advance their career prospects, and Indian expats are no exception. Indians represent a significant 6% of the total non-Chinese population in Hong Kong and enjoy a myriad of benefits offered by China’s Special Administrative Region. For example, over three in five expats were reported to earn more than they did in their home country – an expat here earns an average of nearly USD 170,000 per year!

Hong Kong also boasts numerous accolades for its efficient healthcare system, e.g. the city was ranked top 1 in 2016 for its Bloomberg health-care efficiency index. Anyone moving to Hong Kong will no doubt need to visit the doctors at some point and will require health insurance to cover this. This handy guide by insurance broker Pacific Prime provides a few pointers on health insurance in Hong Kong.

Background on the cost of healthcare in Hong Kong

There are numerous public and private medical facilities available in Hong Kong. Costs in public hospitals tend to be much cheaper, but non-eligible persons are charged considerably higher fees.

Public hospitals

Holders of the Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) enjoy affordable rates at public hospitals, e.g. a trip to the A&E charges only HKD 100 (approx. INR 873) per attendance. But if you don’t have an HKID, expect to pay a much higher fee. A&E charges go up to HKD 990 (approx. INR 8,646) for “non-eligible persons”, and HKD 23,000 (approx. INR 200,868) for intensive care!

Private hospitals

There is total of 11 registered private hospitals in Hong Kong, and these facilities will offer a higher quality of service, and sometimes even luxurious benefits such as private rooms with balconies! These perks do come with a steep price tag, e.g. in-patient care costs around HKD $5,640 (approx. INR 49,256) per day.

What type of insurance plan is right for you?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy so the perfect plan for you will depend on your specific circumstances. Below are some of the key things you will need to consider.

How long are you staying in Hong Kong for?

If you’re only in Hong Kong for a short period of time (i.e. a few months), a short-term or travel insurance plan may be the best option for you. Please note that most travel plans won’t cover pre-existing conditions, and will usually only cover emergencies and the cost of sending you back home for proper treatment. If you’re staying in Hong Kong for longer, you can look into a local health insurance plan or an international plan for globally portable private healthcare coverage.

Types of coverage

There are many coverage options available, and these are split into three major categories:

  • In-patient only: This covers overnight hospital stays only and is usually the cheapest. If you rarely visit the GP and you’re on a tight budget, this may be the best option for you.
  • In-patient and out-patient: This covers both hospitalization costs and out-patient care (e.g. checkups).
  • Full coverage: This provides additional benefits (e.g. maternity and dental) on top of in-patient and out-patient coverage, and is especially recommended if you require a more comprehensive level of your coverage for you and your family. This usually charges the highest premiums, but will likely save you money in the long run, e.g. if you’re planning on having a baby in Hong Kong and have maternity insurance.

Obtain competitive rates from a broker

It can be confusing to shop around for plans, so speaking to an established broker like Pacific Prime for professional and unbiased advice can save you a lot of time and also a lot of money, as brokers leverage their close relationships with insurance companies so that they can provide the most competitive deals on the market. Be sure to seek advice from registered brokers only. To check if a broker is approved, you can check the HKCIB or PIBA website.

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