All you need to know while claiming your Health Insurance

Rejection of claims in Health Insurance is higher than the death claims, and the time lag is also too high while claiming the Health Insurance. It is not just because companies are not settling the claims, but majority of the time it is due to the uncompleted requirements. Normally Health insurance is sold by the Life Insurance companies and their majority of agents do not deal with health Insurance policies and few who sell the policies lack knowledge of claim process, and it can be due to negligence from agent’s part or lack proper training provided to them by Insurer. So, when a customer claims for the health insurance he/she got irritated while fulfilling the many requirements, and blams the insurance company for not settling his/her claim.
I have tried to bring in all the points that should be kept in mind while claiming your health insurance, 

  • Intimation of Hospitalization: It’s the first step for claim process, and it should be done well in time as per the policy condition, normally it is  days from the date on which you or your family member is hospitalized. Intimation must be in written format, whether through letter or email, but if your insurer insist the intimation on any proscribed format then intimation should be given in that only. Always collect the acknowledgement from the office you are submitting the intimation to avoid any problem in later stage of claim process. If the time of hospitalization  is too long them you can send any of your friend or relative to submit the intimation. Intimating the Insurer about your hospitalization is very important part of claim process in health insurance if does not give any cashless facility or your got admit in a hospital where cashless facility is not available.