Club Galaxy for LIC agents: All you need to know

Club Galaxy for LIC agents: All you need to know

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Club membership for agents is one of the ways Life Insurance Corporation of India rewards its agent for higher and consistent performance. Until May 2014 the highest club was the corporate club and after that Chairman Club was there. There is a huge difference between the eligibility criteria of the corporate club and Chairman Club. In May 2014, LIC of India introduced a new club between the corporate club and Chairman Club named, Club Galaxy.  One of the reasons behind the introduction of Club Galaxy was to motivate the agent to qualify for MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) and therefore eligibility criteria of Club Galaxy are synced with qualifying conditions of MDRT.  Let me share some important point and conditions of Club Galaxy here:

Membership Year for Club Galaxy

The year in which agent become a member of the club is known as Membership year. For Club Galaxy, membership year is 1st September to 31st August like other clubs. The financial year after which an agent becomes the member of a particular club is known as the qualifying year. Therefore, the first qualifying year was 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015 and first membership year for Club Galaxy is 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2016.

Eligibility criteria for Club Galaxy Membership year September 2017 to August 2018

Eligibility condition Club Galaxy

Benefits of Club Galaxy for agents

Fringe benefits of the Galaxy Club are not linked with any other club for agents; following fringe benefits will be given to the member of Club Galaxy

  1. Office Allowance: 50% of the actual expenses for maintaining the office or Rs. 100000 whichever is lower will be reimbursed to the agent at the end of the membership year.
  2. Telephone Facility: Maximum reimbursement of Rs. 12000 per annum for rental and call charges of Landline/Mobile phone.
  3. Supply of letter heads envelops and visiting card: Letter head and envelops-500 Nos each per annum and Visiting card-500 Nos per annum.
  4. Club Convention: Members of the Galaxy Club will be allowed to attend the convention at the place decided by the LIC of India or reimbursement of actual airfare or Rs. 60000 whichever is lower for attending MDRT meet. Club agent will also be eligible for out of pocket allowance of Rs. 10000 for attending the MDRT meet. Club Galaxy members will also be eligible for the reimbursement of MDRT registration fee.
  5. Club Blazer: Rs. 5000 for club blazer as per the color and pattern decided by LIC. Earlier club blazer was only provided to corporate club members only.
  6. Other benefits: Daily allowance, group insurance, Medi claim and complimentary diaries will be same as it for Chairman Club member agents.

Advances to Club Galaxy agents

Agents who are qualified and continuing in the Galaxy Club will be eligible for various advances against renewal commission as per the ‚ÄėScheme of Advances to the agents‚Äô. Conditions and quantum of the advances are same as per the conditions for Chairman Club member agents except Four wheeler advance which is: Actual prize of the car OR Last two years renewal commission OR Rs. 10 Lakh, whichever is less.


Proposal Form: Basis of your insurance contract

Proposal Form: Basis of your insurance contract

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Insurance is a contract between insurance company and the person want to cover future risk on his life, where the insurer is bound to pay a fixed amount on death of the Life Assured to his nominee in return of premium (one time or regular). This contract starts when insurer accepts the proposal from the proposer on the basis of the details furnished by the proposer in the proposal form (A prescribed format for proposing a life insurance contract).

And since the insurance is based on the principle of Utmost good faith, it means that the customer seeking the insurance must disclose all the personal details (health as well as financial or which ever asked in proposal form). Therefore filling the proposal form correctly is very important, otherwise, can lead to the repudiation of your claim.

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Important information to be furnished in Proposal Form

There are some fixed points which are included in the proposal form of all the insurance companies which has to be filled very carefully and which are as follows:
  • Name: It’s obvious, isn’t it? Always right your name by yourself (Agent can misspell your name) and keep it in BLOCK letter so that it can be read easily. Though proposal form will also ask your father’s name in a separate column but write it with your name. Be sure that you give the exact name as it is in your bank account. Avoid any over writing at any place, especially in your name and if it happens any how just change the proposal form and use fresh one (Don’t hesitate to ask for new proposal form from you agent) to avoid any future problems.
  • Address: Normally you will have to give both current and permanent address, but people give their current residential address and write “same as current address” in permanent address column even if it is not. Make sure to provide both addresses if different. Provide full address with pin code so that all the correspondence from your insurer reaches you in time.
  • Contact No. and Email ID:¬† These are the fastest way of communication these days, so if you are in a transferable job then provide one permanent contact number which you will use always even if transferred, but also provide your email id because they will not change even if your shift abroad (May be I am wrong, reader’s discretion needed).
  • Date of birth (DOB): Your insurance premium will be based on your age, so write your DOB correctly with supporting documents. Always try to give your School certificate or passport or birth certificate (if life assured is child) as your supporting document as these are considered standard age proof, other documents can also be use as your age proof but with restrictions in Sum assured and term like driving license, PAN card, some age proof like voter card, Adhar card, and ¬†self-declaration will attract extra premium.
  • Nationality: Its very important because many insurers¬†don’t¬†provide life cover to NRI’s (in Indian perspective) living in¬†specific¬†countries, so be sure to provide correct information, and don’t hide that you are an NRI just to take insurance because it can lead to repudiation of your claim to your nominee if any thing happens to you outside India, But don’t panic if you are a resident, then you can roam anywhere without hesitation.
  • Plan and term: Its the scheme you wanted to take, write plan name ¬†and term carefully, without over writing, and¬†thoroughly go through the condition of the plan you want to take before proposing the same.
  • Nominee: Nominee is the person or persons who will receive the claim amount after you. Choose the right nominee in your insurance contract. Write correct and full name of your nominee as in his/her bank account. Write the name in BLOCK letter to avoid any misreading. Give correct age and relation. If in any case your nominee is minor then your have to provide the name of an appointee who is a major person who will take the claim amount of behalf of nominee until he/she is minor, else nominee will receive the claim if he/she became major. Though you are free to make anyone your nominee but making the nominee other than your legal heirs and blood relative could be seen as a Moral Hazard by your insurer and can deny you the insurance( Depend on upon the underwriting principles and guidelines of insurance company). It must be kept in mind that making anyone nominee doesn’t mean that money is for him/her, at any point of time legal heir of the Life assured can claim their right over that money.
  • Occupation, Income, and Education: The maximum life cover you can have to depend on upon your Income, so give right income. You have to give supporting of your income(ITR or CA certificate) with your PAN card no. if your annual premium is higher than 50K (Again in Indian perspective). Insurance cover also depends upon the nature of your occupation, if its too hazardous like aviation, army, ¬†police or other force jobs, mining (Under ground work) etc. then they will attract some extra loading on your premium (Purely depend on the underwriting criteria decided by the insurer). Always give the correct name of your employer if employed/salaried, because insurance companies give quite high risk cover to persons employed in Govt/PSU or reputed firms (where leave details are maintained by employer) without any medical examination. Provide correct details of education level, its very important in the case of female proposer because in India for females, different education level means different risk criteria.

  • Heath details: Now these are the details which should be written carefully without any overwriting and only after reading the question asked, I have seen agents filling the form by themselves without asking anything from customer, so if it happens to you, just read the questions and their answers before signing the proposal form (But take a little headache and fill the form by yourself). Companies provide the insurance even if you are suffering some specific diseases/health problems, but only after medical examination and with some extra premium. So don’t hide anything related to your health or details related to any admission in the hospital for treatment, because you won’t suffer, it will be your spouse and children after your demise if your insurer rejects the claim based on your past health history. If the proposer is a female then provide correct details of your last menstrual date and last delivery date if asked in the proposal form.
  • Family History: Details about the age and health status of your parents, siblings, spouse and children. Give correct age and their health status and if anyone had already died then give the exact reason of death, because many diseases are hereditary. Two or more early deaths(especially by disease or suicide) in your family can be seen as a higher risk on your life
  • Other policy details:¬†Provide all your other policy details with the same or other insurer, policy details from same insurer will help the insurer to estimate their own risk on your life since policy taken within two-year are added with your proposed risk and medical examination and any special reports ¬†and underwriting decision will depend upon the cumulative risk in all the policies taken from same insurer within two year. Policies from other insurer are required for financial underwriting, means are you capable of depositing the cumulative premium in all policies from your given income? If the proposer is a female and if married then provide policy details of your husband too. If life assured is a child then provide all policy details of parents in the proposal form.
  • Signature and date:¬†Sign the proposal form at the appropriate place after carefully filling the proposal form and if filled by other person or agent then read all the details carefully before signing it. Give place of signing and date on which you are signing the proposal form. Since insurance, a long-term contract so use¬†the sign which you use always in future. Many companies provide the scanned image of your proposal form with policy bond, ask your agent about it and if not provide keep on a photocopy of your proposal form with you.
So its a legal document read it carefully, fill it clearly and sign it sensibly because it will always be your basis of the contract with an insurer, and you don’t want that your nominee will be denied for any claim in future.
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